Meet our PriceMap

We at ClearHealthCosts believe that information is power. That's why we created the PriceMap.

PriceMap is not a shopping guide. It's a way to understand the medical marketplace in the United States.

The data are actual rates paid by Medicare for hospital stays. Medicare prices are cheaper than market prices (basically, the government buys in bulk and gets a discount). These prices reflect widespread disparity of cost across providers.

How do you use PriceMap?

For the patient: You can look in your neighborhood and get a sense of the range of prices.

For reporters, policymakers, and the curious: PriceMap offers easy access to a confusing, hard-to-use dataset. We hope you use this to help better understand the health-care marketplace. Questions? Here's an FAQ on this map.

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e.g., Major Shoulder Or Elbow Joint Procedures; Chest Pain

e.g., New York; 10th St. and Constitution Ave., NW, Washington, DC

Hospital No. of Cases Average Cost